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DCode - Learnings by Adithya Sreyaj

If you like what I'm doing, you can now sponsor me. It would really encourage me to put out more content. I put out content mainly around Angular and Node. All of the posts are based on things I've learned or used when creating my side projects. If I face a challenge or find a good way to do something, I usually document it for future reference. The only thing that I do is not keep it for myself, but open it up for everyone so that It can be of use to others as well.

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From Working In A Tech Support Role To Becoming A Full-stack Developer

Apr 27, 2022Starting as a tech support associate to becoming a full-stack web developer, this is my journey into tech. I currently work with technologies/frameworks like Angular, NodeJs & TypeScript. Learning to code has changed my life. I'm really proud of myse...

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